Note: Ethscan AI is consistently under development for further expansions, certain documents are previews for future expansions, these documents/previews may not be representative of final products.

Utility and Function of the $ESAI Token

The $ESAI token is the lifeblood of the Ethscan AI ecosystem. Its primary roles include:

  • Access to Features: It functions as a key to unlock various features within our platform, providing users with seamless access to our AI-integrated services.

  • Payment for Services: The token, along with Ethereum, Stablecoins, and other Layer-1 crypto coins is used as a medium of exchange for services availed on our platform, streamlining transactions within the ecosystem.

  • Incentivization: It acts as a reward mechanism for contributions made to our AI-powered library and other collaborative aspects of our platform.

Additionally, the $ESAI token incorporates a dynamic tax system where a 5% tax is applied on buy and sell transactions. This tax is allocated towards:

  • Development and Marketing: Ensuring continuous improvement and outreach of the platform.

  • Automatic Liquidity Pool Buybacks: Enhancing the overall liquidity and stability of the token in the market.

Token Distribution Plan

The distribution of $ESAI tokens is meticulously planned to ensure a balanced ecosystem. The detailed distribution plan will be outlined later in this document.

Governance Through Our DAO Platform

Our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) framework establishes a democratic governance structure, enabling $ESAI token holders, termed as 'Ethernauts', to actively participate in the decision-making process.

Mechanisms of DAO Governance

  • Proposal Submission: Ethernauts are encouraged to propose new ideas or modifications to the existing framework.

  • Voting System: We adopt a transparent voting mechanism, ensuring each 0xOnautโ€™s voice is heard.

  • Automated Execution: Post-voting, the decisions are executed automatically, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

  • Change Management: The DAO oversees updates and changes, maintaining the platform's stability and adaptability.

Ethernauts exercise governance rights to influence crucial decisions such as adjustments to the tokenomics, development strategies, and content management in our AI-powered library.

Decentralized Decision-Making

Ethernauts play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Ethscan AI, with their ability to vote and propose changes in policies and platform features.

Rewards and Incentives

Ethscan tokens serve as a tangible incentive for various activities:

  • Dividend Eligibility: Token holders are entitled to a share of the dividends, creating a strong relationship between usersโ€™ engagement (and incentive) and the platform's success.

  • Referral Rewards: Users are incentivized for expanding our community, receiving token rewards for their contributions.

Access to Exclusive Services

Token holders gain access to premium services, including:

  • Advanced AI Functionalities: Leveraging the token for specialized AI services.

  • Customization Options: Using tokens to access personalized services, enhancing user experience.

Supply and Distribution

  • Fixed Total Supply: The Ethscan token maintains a fixed total supply to preserve its value.

  • Initial Distribution: Fairly distributed, with allocations for community incentives, development, and a reserve fund.

Allocation for Different Stakeholders

  • Community and User Incentives: A substantial portion is dedicated to engaging and rewarding our community.

  • Team and Founders: Allocated tokens with a vested interest, aligning with the project's long-term vision.

  • Investors and Partners: Reserved for those who support the early stages and growth of Ethscan AI.

  • Reserve Fund: Ensuring platform stability and future scalability.

  • Allocation Percentages

    The 15% of token supply allocation will be as follows:

    • Community and User Incentives: 40%

    • Team and Founders: 20%

    • Investors and Partners: 20%

    • Reserve Fund: 10%

    • Research and Development: 10%

    Lock-up Periods and Vesting

    • Team and Founders: Tokens will be subject to a lock-up period of up to 2 years*, with a gradual vesting schedule to ensure long-term alignment with the projectโ€™s goals.

    • Investors: There will be a lock-up period of up to 1 year* for investor tokens to promote stability in the tokenโ€™s early market presence.

    Transparency and Governance

    The allocation and distribution of tokens will be governed transparently. All transactions and allocations will be recorded on the blockchain, providing transparency and trust in the process.

  • Initial Liquidity: 5 ETH will seed Ethscan AI, providing foundational market stability.

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $ESAI tokens will be created, establishing a broad base for distribution and utility.

  • Initial Circulating Supply: 85% of the total supply, 850,000,000 $ESAI , will be available from the outset.

  • Maximum Wallet Size: Initially capped at 0.5%, then at 1% of the total supply, this limit prevents over-concentration and promotes equitable distribution.

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