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Conducted on January 18, 2024.

Contract Overview

This is an Ethereum smart contract for the token named "0xOS AI" with the symbol "0xOS". It implements a standard ERC-20 token with some additional features including transaction taxes for buying and selling, an owner who can modify certain contract settings, and mechanisms intended to prevent certain types of trading patterns or "whale" behavior.

The key features of the contract include:

Standard ERC-20 functionality (transfer, approve, transferFrom, etc.).

Taxation on transfers conducted through AMM (Automated Market Maker) pairs, with different rates for buys and sells.

Ownership privileges allow for the altering of specific functionalities such as exemption status for fees and limits and tax rates.

The ability for the contract owner to renounce ownership.

Trading limits in place for the initial phase to prevent excessively large transactions.

A time delay between transactions for a single address during initial trading.

Dynamic taxation enabled from the beginning, which will decrease according to the number of blocks since launch.

The contract owner can disable dynamic taxation and remove trading limitations.

Anti-whale features that restrict transaction size and wallet holdings.

A structure for holding tokens to be used for marketing, buybacks, and redistribution fees.

LP (liquidity provider) tokens can be locked or burned to provide trust through liquidity stability.

Holder Analysis

The contract has a reserved portion of tokens for the contract creator and certain addresses which are exempt from transaction fees and holding limits. This is a common feature in token contracts designed to facilitate initial liquidity and project development financing.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $0xOS tokens.

Transaction Limit: Initially, there is a limit on how much $0xOS can be transacted, which is 0.5% of the total supply.

Wallet Limit: Initial wallet holding is also limited to 0.5% of the total supply.


Buy Tax: Initially set at 5%.

Sell Tax: Initially set at 5%.

Transfer Tax: 0% for standard transfers.

These taxes apply to buys and sells conducted through AMM pairs (such as Uniswap). Taxes are divided into different wallets for marketing, buyback, and redistribution purposes.

Ownership and Control

Ownership is not renounced, which means the current owner (address ending in ...48b0dd0) has the power to change critical contract functionalities like tax rates, transaction limits, and exemptions.

LP Lock/Burn Details

Based on the provided details, 100% of LP tokens appear to be locked under the control of TeamFinance (address ending in ...375fb). There is no time duration specified, suggesting that it is a permanent lock. The null address (0x0000...) also possesses an insignificant amount of liquidity, which could be considered as burned liquidity. However, the specifics of the duration and exact percentages should be checked in the actual contract or via the TeamFinance interface.

Honeypot Check Result

No honeypot detected.

Open-Source: True.

Is Proxy: False.

Holder Count: 625.

LP Total Supply: 65192.024052026487145829 $0xOS.

LP Holders: 2.

Safety Score

Safety scores are inherently subjective and often depend on best practices and community trust. Based on an auditor's viewpoint focused on investor perspective: 1. Smart Contract Code: 85/100. - Code follows the ERC-20 standard. - Contains anti-whale features and trading limits. - Some elements like dynamic taxation need to be watched over time. 2. Owner Privileges: 65/100. - The ability to update fees and exception lists reduces the score. - Ownership has not been renounced. - Ability to remove dynamic taxes and limitations at any time. 3. LP Lock/Burn: 90/100. - LP tokens locked with a reputable LP locker (TeamFinance). 4. Transparency: 90/100. - The contract is open source. - No hidden owner or proxy features detected. 5. Honeypot Status: 100/100. - No honeypot characteristics were detected. 6. Holder Distribution: 70/100. - Multiple holders, but with a potentially significant portion controlled by few addresses. 7. Tax Structure: 70/100. - Clearly defined taxes for buy and sell, which are reasonable for most transactions. - No tax on wallet-to-wallet transfers (excluding AMM transfers).

Overall Safety Score: 82/100 (Very Good)

Optimization Suggestions

Renounce ownership to increase trust among investors.

Clearly communicate the lock duration for LP tokens.

Implement a time-lock or multi-signature scheme for owner functions to add transparency and reduce the risk of unilateral changes.

Additional Considerations

Investors should be aware of the dynamic tax and the owner's ability to change critical components of the smart contract, which can impact the project's long-term credibility and success. Moreover, the current liquidity lock status and the potential for the owner to remove trading limitations at their discretion are points of consideration before investing.

Honeypot Check Result: No honeypot detected. Token Name: 0xOS AI Symbol: 0xOS Decimals: 18 Address: 0x74588af8de14287e91D89758636D277d66f217b6 Total Holders: 659

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